Lin Schiffner

My focus on fabric art began nearly 15 years ago after decades of more traditional quilting and exploration of other art forms.  Contemporary fabric art provides an avenue for artistic expression of my life experience and inspirational themes such as love, peace, environment, culture, and the sacred.  My pieces combine personal and heartfelt subject matter with a passion for color and a compulsion for finely detailed craft.  In addition to typical quilting techniques, I enjoy adding paints, dyes, printing methods, beads, fabric manipulations and embellishments.  Working in my studio is a daily practice which brings solace, hope, and purpose to my life.
The three pieces below are representative of my Inspirational Portfolio.  Please visit my individual site to see all of my work in a variety of galleries and themes.

Celebrating the Elements
34 " x 34"

This piece is about oneness, the beautiful interrelationship between each of the four elements - air, fire, earth and water - and their corresponding constellations, energy and essence. It is made of hand-painted fabric with a batik background, embellished with beads and crystals.

A Tree of Life  32" x 32"

A Tree of Life honors the miracle of life ~ the web of interconnection among life forms and elements on earth. Although only a tiny leaf on the tree, human beings are responsible for its future. May we learn to protect, cherish, nourish, and preserve the Tree of Life so it may grow in peace and harmony.

Living the Seasons 35" x 36"

The central theme at the heart of Living the Seasons is annotated in two hand-embroidered lines of poetry on the front. "Breathe in the beauty and radiance of each season. Honor the cycles of life with love, patience, and gratitude". The work was inspired by the seasons at my beautiful home as well as the seasons of my personal life, celebrating and coping with the rhythm of the journey. It is also an exploration in the mandala form, using a seasonally-based study in color.